How is it Going So Far?

Hi Everyone, we would like to hear your stories and experiences during the first half of the course. If there is any thing, any thing at all, we can help to ease the burden, why don’t you drop in and talk to one of us Prof Hanafi, Pak Kamal, or Bu Diaz. Anything of your concern will be important for us to provide necessary assistance to every one in the program. We would like to hear your views. Come and share with us.


About kyusra

Kamaludin Yusra is a lecturer at the English Department of FKIP Mataram University. His main interest is on language teaching, materials development and the role of language in human life. He is currently working on teaching English to young learners. He is also working on the role of languages on the construction of identities and solidarity among transmigrants on Sumbawa Island.
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